Covered Hoppers
  • All configurations available, including 2-pocket, 3-pocket and 4-pocket styles with capacities ranging from 3,000 CF to 6,580 CF, lined or unlined.

  • Cars are available to transport various commodities including: Cement, Sand,  Roofing Granules, Grains, Fertilizers, Wood Pellets, Plastic Resin, Powdered Chemicals and more.

  • Outlet gate arrangements are available to suit any requirement, such as gravity, pneumatic, and pressure differential discharge.

Tank Cars
  • General service configurations and tank shell capacities available.

  • Primary commodities served include:  Mineral Slurry, Fats & Oils, Liquid
    Fertilizer, Tallow & Waxes, Acids and Lubricating Oils.

  • Cars are configured with or without heating coils/insulation
    and are equipped with a variety of commodity-specific valves and fitting.

  • Flat-bottom steel cars in a range of cubic capacities.

  • Typical commodities handled include: Aggregates, Large Dimension Stone, Scrap Metal, Semi-Finished Steel, Structural Steel and Logs.

  • 50 FT and 60 FT cushioned cars designed for various Plate Clearances.

  • Car interior quality suitable for various commodities including: Paper, Canned Goods, Building Materials and Manufactured Goods. 

  • Sliding door and plug doors available.

Open Top Hoppers
  • Various configurations available, with capacities ranging from 2,150 CF to 2,850 CF.

  • Commodities served include:  Minerals, Aggregates and Crushed Stone.

  • Alternate slope sheet and door operation configurations available.